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Attain visual nirvana with our range of high performance gaming monitors that deliver a smooth, seamless and beautiful experience. From modern curved displays to class leading contrast ratios for an incredible visual experience, AFTERSHOCK’s goal is deliver the ultimate visual experience that will shatter your expectations of the possibilities that a gaming monitor can offer.

Introducing the AFTERSHOCK X340

With 34 inches of pure visual nirvana, the X340 immerses you in the game with it’s R1800 curvature, 3440 X1440 resolution and 100hz refresh rate. Take your visual experience to the next level.

Wide Viewing Angle
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AUD $799 AUD $599
25% OFF! (Save $200)
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Introducing the AFTERSHOCK X315 PRO

The X315 PRO is our ultimate value gaming display, combining a wide array of features into an unbelievably accessible package. With a massive 31.5 inches of real estate, a 144hz refresh rate and a R1800 QHD 2560 X 1440 curved display, the X315 PRO punches far above it’s weight class.

Wide Viewing Angle
Game Mode
Refresh Rate
AUD $599 AUD $499
MARCH MADNESS SPECIAL 17% off! (save $100)
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We take Customer Service as a top priority, founded by the team from AFTERSHOCK PC in Singapore, AFTERSHOCK Australia strives to deliver the highest level of service and support. Unlike a sell-and-forget distributor, you’re purchasing directly from us, a local company. This gives us full control over the service and support process and ensures straight to the point service with no risk of getting pushed around various departments.

Send us an email or drop us a message, and you’ll receive a response to your query within 24 working hours, guaranteed.

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AFTERSHOCK Australia is a local expansion by the team from AFTERSHOCK PC with one goal: To deliver the epic experience of ultra-fast refresh rate and high resolution gaming displays to the masses. With the market packed full of extremely expensive gaming and high performance monitors, our goal is to deliver value-for-money gaming monitors with absolutely no compromise in ensuring you have the best possible experience. All AFTERSHOCK displays utilize the latest Korean VA panel technology for an experience you must see to believe.